Speaking Myself

Speaking Myself is a writing and general support project I have started primarily as a (therapeutic) space for me to share my experiences in the hope I can be heard and that others (women) will in turn share and speak up about their own. One of the aims is to be open and honest about topics which otherwise may not be discussed freely in everyday life.

How it works:

I post a word as a prompt and start off with my own thoughts on the matter. Others can then reply on the same post to share their thoughts, stories, experiences, advice, support contacts or anything deemed suitable for the topic.

You will find this group on the following networks:

Instagram: @speaking.myself
Facebook: Speaking Myself

Both sites will have the same posts, so please use whichever you prefer. However, note that although the Facebook group is private, the Instagram page is not and therefore your comments on there can be read by anyone (which I feel is a positive as a wider audience may be able to relate).

If you wish to speak about something completely privately, please feel welcome to contact me on any platform. I will try to get back to you when possible 😁

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