Port Meadow, Oxford

Port Meadow is a stretch of land in Oxfordshire situated by the River Thames. The first time I visited was in the Winter. Half the meadow was covered in water from the flooded river and the sun was shining but it was a cold day so I didn't get much further than the car park. … Continue reading Port Meadow, Oxford


Father’s day cards

Hello! Just a quick post to share some ideas for fathers day cards. I've made all of these cards at some point with Pre-school aged children. Shirt card:¬†Cut two small lines into the top of the card and fold over to make the collar. Making this card can be a good opportunity to explore fabrics. … Continue reading Father’s day cards

Laminated leaves, spooky spiders and rangoli rice

The weeks leading up to Halloween and Bonfire Night are my favourite time of year. They are particularly great opportunities for themed activities. Firstly, I would like to share a simple Autumn activity. We collected leaves from the ground and used sticky back plastic and paper plates to create effective sun catchers. These looked amazing … Continue reading Laminated leaves, spooky spiders and rangoli rice