Women, mentors, teachers, friends…mothers?

Note: I have been attempting to write this piece for over six months now and have been drafting it over and over, returning to the drafts in an attempt to find more suitable wordings (you'll understand once you've read it). It is with an unsure mindset that I post this now, as I don't think … Continue reading Women, mentors, teachers, friends…mothers?

A wander through Holland Park

With the Covid-19 situation being what it is, there is now next to nothing to do outdoors in London that doesn't involve some sort of park. If you've ventured out in the past fews weeks, you'll find that the majority of parks have been packed with people trying to escape the confines of their home … Continue reading A wander through Holland Park


Heightened. Everything is heightened. Sadness becomes misery, Envy becomes resentment, Nostalgia becomes yearning, Anger becomes fury, Anxiety becomes panic, Fear becomes dread, Emotion becomes heightened. It climbs and climbs and climbs, until one day the emotion is gone. The emptiness arrives. A hole is created. The emptiness stays. It stays until the light is turned … Continue reading Heightened

27 Years

Warning: Contains dark themes. Brief mentions of anxiety, depression and suicide. What is it like to be happy? What is it like to be content? Are we ever fully either? Maybe the lucky ones among us are. The older I get, the more I am realising that being an ‘adult’ is not as it appears. … Continue reading 27 Years