A wander through Holland Park

With the Covid-19 situation being what it is, there is now next to nothing to do outdoors in London that doesn’t involve some sort of park. If you’ve ventured out in the past fews weeks, you’ll find that the majority of parks have been packed with people trying to escape the confines of their home and get a spot of sunshine as well as see their friends and family.

This weekend, I went to Kensington’s Holland Park for a walk. Expecting it to be fairly empty (as per my last visit in July 2018), I was surprised to find it full of people walking, picnicking, yoga-ing and making the most of being allowed outdoors.

The way into the park itself is a bit of a trek, especially if you’re not a fan of walking uphill like me, the nearest tube station (Holland Park, obviously) not being close enough to the entrance for my liking. However, once you get into the park itself, it is… lovely, for want of a better word!

Naturally, the camera came out to attempt to capture the beauty…

The following few shots were all taken on my previous visit…as you can see by the fairly empty paths.  The main part of the park consisting of some fountains and plenty of flowers to admire. A small cafe providing the usual hot/cold treats and drinks for visitors. I had a hot chocolate (yes I love to have hot drinks in the summer too), it was delicious enough – almost worth the unnecessarily high price (typical London).

Open spaces to walk through, including a variety of birds to be spotted!

I came across this hidden spot, the gorgeous greenery and flowers making up for the murkiness of the water. Certainly appeared to be a cosy home for the ducks anyway!

IMG_1358 (1)


Of course a visit to Holland Park is not complete without appreciating the stunning Kyoto Garden, a Japanese Garden donated by the Chamber of Commerce of Kyoto in 1991. I first viewed the garden two years ago on a quiet day and it truly made me feel as though I was no longer in the centre of London. The peace of the garden had me transfixed, the waterfall, koi, birds, and plants all contributing to the tranquil atmosphere. Not to mention a peacock gloriously basking in the sunshine!

20180515_111503 (1)

IMG_1363 (1)IMG_1364 (1)

IMG_3636 (1)



Finally, a rather exotic section of the park (near one of its entrances) which will take you away from London completely and have you dreaming of a summer holiday abroad.

IMG_0354 (1)


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