Sunset from Primrose Hill

A few weeks ago, I ventured up Primrose Hill in North London to see the so-called ‘breathtaking’ views of London. I had been looking up places I could visit to capture some photos and this was apparently one of the best spots to view the sun setting over the city. Therefore, after a minor trek up the hill, I perched myself among the many others who had come up to watch the sunset, and waited.

Needless to say, the sight of the city was lovely. However, as the sun set on the opposite side of the hill to the view of the city, I didn’t quite get the spectacular views I had been expecting. Maybe I just wasn’t feeling the emotions that day, maybe I had very high expectations, or maybe watching the sunset from Primrose Hill isn’t as wonderful as its cracked up to be.

Saying that, I did manage to capture some of the beauty of the skies. Here are some photos from the evening.



Now… to capture the sunrise from the same spot sometime in the future would perhaps be a little more exciting. That’s if I can manage to get out of bed early enough!

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