Spring sun catchers

With the start of spring came the colourful arrays of flowers lining fields, pavement and gardens. After having previously made sun catchers in nursery using tissue paper and glitter, I wanted to go for a natural approach this time.

I took the pre-school children out to collect some flowers to do just that. The children collected piles of daisies and some grass (the only plants that were available to us at the time). We then used sticky back plastic and paper plates to create our sun catchers, and hung them on the window in our room.

The problem with only having daisies at hand for this activity was that they died out quickly, and didn’t provide enough of the colour and wow factor I had wanted to go for.

Luckily, I had another opportunity to carry out the same activity with a five year old I was looking after. We went out for a walk, collecting a few flowers as we went – she was definitely up for the task!

We didn’t have any card or paper plates around, so used an old parcel box, cutting a circle out of it and putting the sticky back plastic on. As you can see by the pictures, the sun catchers looked great in the kitchen window! The end result was not ideal (due to the lack of card and my last minute planning) but we had a great time and were very pleased with our creations!

This activity was a good opportunity to talk about the changes which happen in spring, spend some of that quality time together as the child has the opportunity to make their own choices on what they want to add to their work (this child really wanted to add feathers she had found) and of course create something pretty to brighten up those rainy days!

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