Frida Kahlo: Making Her Self Up at the V&A

I had highly anticipated the Victoria and Albert Museum’s exhibition on Frida Kahlo, and it certainly didn’t disappoint. The extremely popular exhibition featured Frida’s personal collection of artefacts and clothing as well as photographs taken throughout her life. There were also many of her art pieces on display.


At the time of attending I was (and still am) very interested in Frida and her life. I admire her for so many reasons, from her physical and emotional strength to her talent and style. The way she portrayed her pain through her art is truly inspiring and her use of colours and ideas unique.

I walked through photos of Frida’s family and herself as a child. There was a video involving a tour and map of her home. A large room had a entire wall covered with a large, beautiful image of Frida, with glass cases displaying the body casts she had used and decorated, the pain of her miscarriages reflected on some. There were also letters, Frida’s hair accessories and make-up, perfectly preserved from well over 50 years ago. The final room consisted of an impressive showcase of Frida’s colourful outfits, all incredibly beautiful.


As always, the V&A had made great efforts with the merchandise on sale alongside the exhibition. I could have bought it all, but made do with a book and a magnet!


Although I couldn’t take photos inside the exhibition, a sculpture of Frida provided a great photo spot. Here are some of mine:




Seeing all this in person was a strange experience. People were really here to see this lady’s broken casts and perfume. It just showed how interesting Frida actually was. She doesn’t just leave behind paintings, but a legacy of beauty, culture and the strength of the female spirit.

Thank you V&A yet again for another great exhibition.


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