Port Meadow, Oxford

Port Meadow is a stretch of land in Oxfordshire situated by the River Thames. The first time I visited was in the Winter. Half the meadow was covered in water from the flooded river and the sun was shining but it was a cold day so I didn’t get much further than the car park.

This summer I went for a walk across the meadow and fully got to appreciate it’s beauty. Home to all kinds of wildlife, the peaceful atmosphere was a much needed escape.

The river was arrayed with stunning colours. Families were paddling in the water, children in their swimming gear were taking a dip and dogs were having a splash.

The edge of the river as I walked alongside it gave off the image of being on a beach, especially on a day as bright and sunny as this one was.

Flocks of ducks and their ducklings were scattered across the field and in the water.

The meadow is also home to horses and cattle. I spent a good amount of time just watching them enjoy the water. I’ve seen animals like this on many occasions but on this particular day the sight of them in the meadow was stunning.

The meadow itself has been untouched for around 4000 years. It is covered in wildflowers and is surrounded by very few buildings (at the moment), making it a lovely place to go for a quiet walk or picnic.

In May 2018, a monument was put up to commemorate those who served the Royal Air Force and those who died in flying accidents near the meadow 100 years ago.

I would definitely recommend a visit to Port Meadow, I know I will be going again when I need a few hours to myself. I would also come with family on a quiet day.

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