Father’s day cards

Hello! Just a quick post to share some ideas for fathers day cards. I’ve made all of these cards at some point with Pre-school aged children.


Shirt card: Cut two small lines into the top of the card and fold over to make the collar. Making this card can be a good opportunity to explore fabrics. You can use words such as ‘soft’ and ‘rough’ to talk about how the fabric feels. The children can also cut out the fabric themselves, providing a chance for them to use their fine motor skills to cut something other than paper – I’ve also found that they love cutting up sponges!


Sunshine card: We used pasta to make the sun’s rays instead of pipe cleaners (I didn’t have pasta on hand when making this display!). The children drew their interpretation of the sun’s ‘face’.


Pear card: This card went down well with the dads! My colleague had the idea to make these. The children painted their pears using a special mix my colleague had created. She then put it in the microwave for a few seconds to make the paint puff up. They turned out brilliantly.

Remember to allow the children to write their own names and messages inside the cards. The card will be more personal and mark-making is always important no matter what the child is capable of, even if its just a few scribbles.


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