London Modest Fashion Week

I found out about London’s Modest Fashion Week after it happened last year and was gutted to have missed it, especially as it had such a big reaction and was a successful step towards a larger clothing market for modest women in the UK.

This year, I booked tickets for me and my sister to attend the runway shows and panels for day two of the weekend event (organised by Haute-Elan). After reading about the success of day one (Lindsay Lohan had been in attendance and the venue was apparently jam-packed), I looked forward to attending.

My look for the day:


The event took place at Victoria House Basement in London. First panel of the day was a talk with Mariah Idrissi, known as the first Muslim hijab-wearing model. The talk was an honest, relatable one, she came across as open-minded and showed this with her awareness of the issues surrounding everyday young Muslim women in the UK. I managed to grab her for a photo later on in the day.


Although I enjoy trying out different clothing styles, I have never really kept up to date with the latest fashions or designers. Therefore, my main interest on the day lay in gaining some style inspiration and generally admiring the models and show. We also got to sit in front row seats for each show, here are some photos:


Now, I must talk about the ladies! There were women from all kinds of backgrounds, and WOW, they looked amazing! I genuinely admire all Muslim women who go out wearing fully modest clothing. There is so much hate directed towards us from the outside world, but in this venue, on this day, women were supporting each other, complimenting each other and building new relationships with each other. This was what I was really here for. Women loving women. Also, I have to give a special mention to this squad…


They owned the runway modelling Strong Habibti Athletics wear and then posed up a storm when taking photos later. Plus they were a lovely group of ladies. I also loved the henna designs on their faces done by Red Henna.

There was a good selection of shopping material, however all we bought were some over-priced halal sweets!


I had a great experience and met some lovely people. I have some good ideas for new styles and as soon as I have more wardrobe space I will try them out!



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