‘Mermaid fabric’ frames

I bought some reversible sequin fabric cushion covers for the Pre-school room a while ago. The children have loved stroking the fabric and the adults have loved it even more!

Recently, Tishy Lishy (an early years professional) posted a video of her class using the reversible sequin fabric to make marks. She had put the fabric into frames to make it easier for the children to use effectively.

I decided to give this a go. I bought some cheap frames from Wilkos and the fabric from Ebay. I stuck the fabric onto the glass and put the back of the frame back on to keep the fabric secure.

Here are the results:


These frames worked a lot better than the cushions in encouraging mark-making. I could put them out in our literacy area and the children were free to use them whenever and wherever they liked, something which they couldn’t do with the cushions (which had to stay in our book corner/cosy spots).

Thank you Tishy Lishy for the wonderful idea, I’ve had so many compliments from colleagues and parents on the frames. Even I have often found myself casually ‘drawing’ on them as a relaxation technique!

Update: My frames were featured on a little article on The Guardian!!!

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