Laminated leaves, spooky spiders and rangoli rice

The weeks leading up to Halloween and Bonfire Night are my favourite time of year. They are particularly great opportunities for themed activities.

Firstly, I would like to share a simple Autumn activity. We collected leaves from the ground and used sticky back plastic and paper plates to create effective sun catchers. These looked amazing in our pre-school room!


In my setting we call Halloween ‘spooky day’, to avoid offending those who do not celebrate Halloween.  I managed to get a picture of one of activities I set up for the little ones for the week.


The children had a wonderful time exploring the rice, it’s been more popular than the sand! I added some googly eyes and spiders along with some metal pots to create a starting point for the children’s play. The rest was up to them! They enjoyed hiding the spiders, filling and emptying the pots, pretending to make ‘spider ice cream’ and so much more! Other Halloween activities included green jelly worms made by putting straws in jelly then leaving it to set, and of course carving pumpkins! After carving them, the children were left to explore the pumpkins in their own way using numerous tools (cue the bowls of mushy ‘pumpkin stew’!).

IMG_20171031_073947_388My Halloween costume!

October was also the month of the Hindu ‘festival of lights’ Diwali. To celebrate, we got out our sensory tent (pitch black on the inside) and put some lights inside it. We also stuck tissue paper on ready made lantern pictures to put on the windows, giving off a stained glass effect:


I dyed rice by mixing gel food colouring, a dollop of antibacterial hand gel and the rice in a zip lock bag. This was for the children to create their own rangoli patterns, a form of art used in India.


Bonfire night, here we come!

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