Harcourt Arboretum

I had a day to myself recently so I decided to visit Harcourt Arboretum, a part of the University of Oxford and only a five minute drive from home. My reason for visiting was not because I have an interest in trees, in fact I have little interest in the classification of trees, but more because I love nature and taking walks through places like this. Of course I had my camera with me along the walk!

I began my walk at the start of a trail laid out through the arboretum. It was a lovely quiet Sunday and there were very few people around so I had the opportunity to lose myself in the surroundings.


I bumped into the family of one of my key children from work, which was lovely, the little girl had been collecting sticks and gave me one as I said goodbye. Naturally, I took a photo:


Walking through the flowery meadows with the sun shining down was beautiful.


The arboretum keeps some pigs, which on this day were dozing in the sun and rolling around in the mud.


And peacocks, not owned by the arboretum but wondering around, even sitting on cars.

Two ponds, barely visible through all the plants, but still gorgeous to look at.

Some fun bits for the children:

And a large variety of trees …

I thoroughly enjoyed the views and scenery of the arboretum and would definitely recommend a visit for anyone in Oxford. The arboretum has a great history, is accessible to anyone and also offers guided tours. It has a variety of trees and plants for anyone interested in taxonomy and provides stunning sights for artists looking for inspiration for their work. Visit the arboretum’s website for more details.

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