Phonics and number cups

I made some more phonics and math resources this weekend. This time I used cheap shot cups (plastic) and sharpie pens to create some cups for a variety of activities.

Activities these could be used for:

  • water play, measure and capacity
  • sorting phonics beads, beans (see previous post), or other small phonic resources
  • use on a light table with gems
  • use for play with dry foods such as rice, oats, lentils or cereals
  • use with playdough or sand
  • use for sorting objects, organising and counting
  • use for building towers and stacking
  • use for magic tricks
  • use in the home corner for role play
  • use for colour mixing activities
  • use to create a display by putting related objects for each cup/letter/number
  • use in group activities to begin a discussion
  • use to make smoothies and drink from them!


Give this simple task a try, you could put anything you wish onto the cups, the children will love experimenting with them!

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