Coloured sticks

These wooden sticks were a cheap and simple resource to create. I found the sticks in Poundland as part of a garden fencing set, and the coloured (insulation) tape on Amazon.

First, I had to detach all the sticks from the metal wire used to attach them together. I then wrapped the tape around each end of the stick, putting the same colour on each end. That was it, the sticks were ready to use!

Here are just a few of the ways in which these could be used:

  • Colour matching using the ends of each stick
  • Creating shapes
  • Creating pictures using natural objects such as leaves and stones
  • Good for outdoor/forest school activities
  • As chopsticks alongside coloured objects and sorting pots for a physical activity
  • Coloured pegs can be used to match to the sticks
  • Candles for a mud or playdough cake
  • Counting activities
  • Magic wands!

I’m sure there are many more activities which could be carried out using these sticks, the children usually have their own wonderful ideas!

I’ve only used them once so far, as a shape making activity. I put pictures of different shapes and asked the children to try and copy the shapes in the pictures. It was a good way to get them naming and recognising shapes as well as matching colours.


Update (June 2017): I recently used these sticks for a very effective music activity during a group session with Pre-school children. I asked them to pick two sticks each and we explored rhythm by tapping the sticks on different body parts, tapping them in beat to a song, and creating a rhythm for everyone to copy. A successful activity which kept the children on the carpet for a long time!

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