World book day and dressing-up

With the approach of this year’s annual world book day (Thursday 2nd March), I thought I would share some of my costumes from the past few years. World book day is always an exciting event as it combines my love of literature with the fun of dressing up.

Most of these are homemade and in my opinion not very good, but I didn’t want to spend loads on a costume when I could just create my own using clothes I already had. So, here they are:

Maleficent: In hindsight, this costume was a bit of a mistake to wear to the nursery! It was the first time I had dressed up for work, the Maleficent film was popular at the time and I thought the costume would be something which I could easily create and wear with a headscarf. The costume turned out brilliantly, I made the horns with a headband, plastic cups, foil, and black tape. The cape was sewn by my mum, and the skirt and black top was my own. I wore it with a black headscarf and gold necklace.  I was super excited about wearing it, though I ended up scaring a few of the children! One little girl ran to another room when she saw me, very few children knew who I was dressed as, and one of the parents commented (in a joke) on my ‘devil horns’! Those horns haven’t been worn since!

Fairy: I brought some fairy wings, wore a purple skirt with a black top and summery lilac scarf. I completed this simple look with a flower headband. I didn’t manage to get a good photo of this outfit.

Princess Jasmine: This is my dressed down version of Jasmine, with a chain headpiece, gold necklace, green skirt, and a pair of khussa (Indian slippers).

Queen of Hearts: I wore this costume twice, the first time with a white laced top, the second with a cloak (which was actually my 10 year old brothers’ king cloak from a school play of Alice in Wonderland) and some checkered tights. I used face paint to draw hearts onto my face. Back then, it was quite a good effort for me, though if I were to wear it again I’m sure I could make it better.

Let me know what you think and share some of your costumes from over the years. I will post this year’s costume once the day is done, I’m looking forward to wearing this one!

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