Numbers and Hangers

I’ve recently been going through a phase where I’m super keen on making my own resources. I’m always looking for ways to turn everyday objects into something we could use for play.

I wanted to create a fun maths activity, something new for the children to engage in. As we have hanging space in the Pre-school room, I decided to make something which I could hang from the cupboard door handles.

I brought some coloured hangers, and wooden pegs. I then coloured in the bottom of the pegs (using a sharpie) to match the colour of the hanger. I wrote numbers on the top of the pegs and added the same amount of dots to match the numbers (the number 20 was not an easy feat!). I pegged them onto the hangers and then hung up the hangers using pipe cleaners, though anything can be used to hang them. These hung like a mobile and were easily accessible to the children.


This is a great activity which can be both child and adult led. Thinking about maths, children can order numbers, recite numbers, learn to recognise them, add and take away numbers (one more or one less for younger children), and sing number songs. Knowing 2-5 year olds, I’m sure they will find many ways to use the number pegs that we may not even consider!


This activity also offers an opportunity to get those tiny fingers moving and working on their motor skills. Pegs are great to get the children using their smaller finger movements. The children could also use the colours to match the pegs to the correct hanger.


These hangers could be taken outdoors to brighten up the garden. Mine are fairly simple but it could be done with multi-coloured hangers and the pegs could be designed in a variety of styles. The children love to get involved, they could paint the pegs before the numbers are added to give them the pride of creating their own learning resource.



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