Regent’s Park, London

While at university in London, I had a chance to explore the city. One of my favourite places to go was Regents Park, located in the central London area. The first time I visited the park was on a Summer day and I fell in love instantly.

For me, it was the whole calm, serene feeling of the park. I could walk through rows of stunning flowers, trees, fountains and statues peacefully. I could stay there all day and watch the waterfalls and the wildlife (ducks, birds, squirrels) and just take in the surroundings. It was hard to believe this quiet, beautiful place was in the middle of a bustling city.

I would definitely recommend the park for a picnic, walk, or just to sit and admire the scenery. There are activities and things to do, but I didn’t get involved in anything while there. I hope you enjoy the photos!

2 thoughts on “Regent’s Park, London

  1. Sumana Khanom says:

    Your photos are gorgeous. I’m also very fond of parklands because of the natural sceneries and and a chance to see wildlife. I have not had a chance to visit regents park yet but I can’t wait for spring, this is the first place I’m visiting!

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